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The Worry Waterfall - Poster

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PDF | 1 page | Grades: 1 - 5

A poster to help students work through worrying thoughts.

Use this resource in the classroom to help students with anxiety in the classroom.

The Worry Waterfall encourages students to recognize worries that they can and cannot control. The social and emotional learning poster guides them through a step-by-step process of decision-making and of taking action.

social and emotional learning poster for the classroom featuring a worry waterfall to help kids deal with emotions

How to use The Worry Waterfall:

  1. Introduce The Worry Waterfall through class discussion.
  2. Model how to follow the steps.
  3. Provide examples of everyday worries. Encourage students to practice following the steps.
  4. Display the poster in your classroom and refer to it when necessary.

Print on tabloid to display in the classroom, or print on letter to give to individual students.

How to Help Students With Anxiety

The first step to dealing with worry is to notice and acknowledge it. As we know, anxiety presents itself in many different ways. And so it’s important to teach kids to be self-aware and how to become familiar with how anxiety might feel.

As a class, discuss how worrying thoughts make us feel. For example, anxiety might:

  • speed up our breathing
  • make us feel shakey
  • give us a stomachache or butterflies in our tummy
  • tense up our muscles
  • make us cry or feel angry
  • make us want to hide away and withdraw.

For more learning tools to encourage students to be present and pay attention to how they are feeling, head to our collection of Mindfulness Teaching Resources.


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  • Donna Farren

    Love it! So great!

    • Natalie

      Hi Donna! We are so glad that you like it! We hope that it helps to ease the anxiety some of your students may be having during this difficult time!