Math 1.2

Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process standards to represent and compare whole numbers, the relative position and magnitude of whole numbers, and relationships within the numeration system related to place value. The student is expected to:

  • (1) recognize instantly the quantity of structured arrangements;
    • (A) use concrete and pictorial models to compose and decompose numbers up to 120 in more than one way as so many hundreds, so many tens, and so many ones;
    • (B) use objects, pictures, and expanded and standard forms to represent numbers up to 120;
    • (C) generate a number that is greater than or less than a given whole number up to 120;
    • (D) use place value to compare whole numbers up to 120 using comparative language;
    • (E) order whole numbers up to 120 using place value and open number lines; and
    • (F) represent the comparison of two numbers to 100 using the symbols >, <, or =.

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