Australian Curriculum Categories


Concepts for developing understanding

The content in the geography sub-strand provides opportunities to develop students’ understanding of place, space, environment and interconnection. Students develop a mental map of the world by learning the major geographical divisions on Earth (place, space, environment) and where they are located in relation to Australia (space). Students learn about the hierarchy of scale by which places are defined - from the personal scale of their home to the national scale of their country (scale). Students explore how distance and accessibility influence how often they visit places, and for what purpose (space, interconnection) and investigate their links with places locally and throughout the world (interconnection). They see how places have meaning to people and the connection Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have with Country/Place (place, environment, interconnection).

Inquiry Questions

  • What is a place?
  • How are people connected to their place and other places?
  • What factors affect my connection to places?


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