Harmony Day Classroom Teaching Resources and Ideas for 2020


Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Traditionally, Harmony Day was celebrated on the 21st of March every year in Australia. In 2003, this was changed to Harmony Week (15-21 March). Some schools still decide to focus the celebration on one day. Either way, it’s a week or day to celebrate the diversity of our amazing country! The main message is everyone belongs, which is a fantastic opportunity to encourage the inclusiveness of different cultural backgrounds that make up your class and your school!

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It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

We have a huge collection of Harmony Day /Harmony Week teaching resources and activity ideas that will help you celebrate with your students. This blog highlights just some of these resources as well as other ways you can celebrate.

Music Brings Everyone Together

Why not play this gorgeous song to your students?

The words of this song encourage young children to appreciate that everyone belongs! Alternatively, you could get your class to learn the words of this song and perform it for the larger school community to celebrate Harmony Week.

Download the tracking music and words on the Song Library website.

Immerse your School Community in the Celebration

To fully immerse your class and school into Harmony Week, encourage students and teachers to come dressed in orange on one of the days during the week.

Why orange? Orange is the official colour chosen to represent Harmony Week. It signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. The colour orange also relates to freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect.

Use our beautifully illustrated Harmony Day classroom posters to display in your classroom or around your school.

Classroom Activities for Harmony Day


Harmony Tree Craft Activity

This gorgeous Harmony Tree Craft activity creates a simple, yet effective display that celebrates your students’ different backgrounds and cultures.

Students use a hand template to represent themselves and their cultural background.

The hands are then used to create a whole class harmony tree display.

Paper Chain Craft Activity

This is another creative Harmony Week craft activity to use when learning about the cultural diversity of your class.

Students use a paper chain template to represent themselves and their cultural background.

The people cutouts are then joined together to create a paper chain to display in your classroom.

Printable Harmony Week Worksheets

Use our collection of printable worksheets to celebrate and identify the diverse cultures that make up your classroom.

In this collection of Harmony Week worksheets, students identify different groups that they belong to, design and create their own Harmony Day badge and create a self-portrait.

Harmony Week Badge Activity

Students will love designing and decorating their very own Harmony Week / Harmony Day badge.

Print the Harmony badge template and encourage your students to decorate the badge in a way that is inspired by their own diverse cultures.

The Meaning of Harmony Day Activity

Download and print our The Meaning of Harmony Day TemplateThis is a free download and will create a gorgeous display for your classroom.

Students cut and decorate a globe with the heart representing Australia. Then, on the strips of paper, they write the words or terms that were brainstormed earlier and stick these strips of paper to the bottom of the globe.

We printed the strips on orange paper as orange is the colour that represents Harmony Day.

Harmony Day Activity for Older Kids

This resource is the perfect activity for the middle to upper years of primary school. Students create gorgeous Harmony Day Vocabulary Flip Books, looking at a variety of words that represent Harmony Day and its meaning.

Students can write down the definitions of these words from the dictionary. Alternatively, they can write what those words mean to them in their own words.

Harmony Day vocabulary covered: compassion, inclusiveness, respect, empathy, care, diversity, culture, belonging, unity and equality.

Hello Around the World

Encourage your students to learn how to say hello in a number of different languages using this gorgeous Hello Around the World classroom bunting.

Hello Around the World Bunting

For more classroom activities, displays and ideas for Harmony Day, check out our Harmony Day resource collection.

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Thank you!

Michele Mitchell · Mar 16th, 2020

You’re most welcome, Michele! We’re so pleased that you can share these Harmony Day teaching resources with your students. Have a wonderful day!

Stephanie (Teach Starter) · Mar 17th, 2020

love love the song – can’t wait to use this over and over.
Love the resources – will be using the paper chain and hands tree.
Teach starter you are ahead of the rest

Sharon McGucken · Mar 17th, 2019

Thanks for your kind words Sharon! So kind.

Holly (Teach Starter) · Mar 18th, 2019

Love it….Thank you

Jacquie Counsel · Mar 10th, 2019

You’re most welcome Jacquie! Thanks for your kind words.

Holly (Teach Starter) · Mar 11th, 2019

Thanks for a great resource. Am definitely going to make the paper chain with my kindys tomorrow.

Lynda Splisbury · Mar 20th, 2018

Hi Lynda, you’re most welcome. So glad that you liked these activity suggestions.

Holly (Teach Starter) · Mar 22nd, 2018

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