11 Quick and Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Your Classroom

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For many students — and teachers — Easter is one of their favourite times of the school year. Apart from the obvious — holidays soon approaching — the number of fun craft activities you can do with your little bunnies abounds. With that in mind, our teacher team has put together a few of our very favourite (and very cute) Easter craft ideas you can use in your classroom.

Egg-cellent Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Easter Egg Stamping

Who would have thought a trusty kitchen utencil used for mashing up potato would be the perfect size and pattern to create some stupendous Easter egg stamping fun?

This is such a super cute and fun art activity for your little bunnies. The materials required are very minimal for this Easter craft — thick card, paints, scissors and your masher are all you need.

potato masher Easter craft

How you use this Easter egg stamp idea is up to you and your students. It may be set up as an art and craft station, and your students can experiment with different colours.

We decided to create a lovely Easter card that the students may like to take home to give to someone special.

potato masher Easter craft

Want to keep the cards simple this year? These printable Easter cards are easy peasy!

Easter Bonnet Madness

Are you stuck for time? Perhaps the last week of term has crept up, and you’ve realised you haven’t even got any Easter craft sorted! Don’t stress! You have your own artists and inventors in your very own classroom, all they need is the supplies.

Fill a table with whatever you can find in your arts and crafts cupboard. Give your students the task of creating their very own Easter hat for the Easter hat parade. The littles may need a bit of help with the main construction of the hat but the decorating is all up to them!

Pop on some fun Easter music, and you’ll all be smiling from bunny ear to bunny ear!

Paper Bag Bunny

The humble paper bag can easily transform into an Easter basket, and if you’re planning to hand out little goodies for your students, having them make their own baskets is brilliant. Put out some coloured paper, pompoms — anything craft related — then include some Funky Bunny Accessories for the cutest Easter craft going around.

Easter bunny craft

Prefer your class make more traditional baskets? Try this printable template!

Funky Easter Craft

You can’t put together a list of Easter craft ideas without including these amazing Funky Craft templates. The cuteness factor is undeniable.

From the original Funky Easter Bunny template that had everyone talking to the cute Funky Bilby Craft template for all those Aussie teachers. Finally, the funky character that is every bunnies friend (see what we did there?) — the Funky Easter Egg template.

The best thing about this craft is you don’t really need much to get started, and when your students start, they will be fully immersed for ages trying to get all of those patterns just right. You’re welcome!

funky Easter character fun

Easter Character Terracotta Pot Craft

This Easter craft is slightly more fiddly than those we’ve shared so far, but you can’t deny the cuteness factor of these gorgeous Easter-inspired character pots.

We picked up these cute little terracotta pots from Bunnings. Most other materials you may find in your arts and craft supplies.

  • Acrylic paint
  • Terracotta pots
  • Googly eyes
  • Coloured paper (pink, white and orange)
  • Large pompoms (white and yellow)
  • Feathers

Get painting. You can use white for an Easter rabbit, yellow for a chick or just a cute blue bird for those who may not necessarily celebrate the Easter tradition.

Get decorating. We used cute googly eyes and some feathers, paper or pipe cleaners to create these cute little characters. The best sticking utencil is a hot glue gun, but you may need to step in to help with this part.

terracotta pot craft for kids

Your students could leave these pots on their desks for when the Easter bunny visits their classroom. Alternatively, this could open up a plants lesson as they look great with little succulents in them.

Easter Egg and Chick Peek-a-Boo Craft

This super fun Easter craft template is the perfect mix of colouring in, cutting out and assembling, and the materials needed for this craft are minimal too!

Download and print the Easter Egg and Chick Craft Template. We then used paper straws, but you can also use two pop sticks stuck together to give it the right length for the chick to pop up in between the cracked egg.

How to use this resource:

  1. Decorate the Easter egg and cut it out (including the zigzag section in the middle to create a cracked egg).
  2. Colour the chick, and cut it out.
  3. Glue the top of the chick to the cracked end of the top piece of the egg.
  4. Glue a paper straw or two large wooden craft sticks to the back of the chick template.
  5. Cut out the strip of paper, and glue each end of the strip of paper to the back of the bottom piece of the egg, just below the cracked edge.
  6. Slip your chick and stick between the strip and the back of the bottom of the egg.
  7. Slide the chick up and down as it peeks between the cracked pieces of the Easter egg.

Easter egg craft template

Easter Agamograph

Did you know that an agamograph is a series of images that change at different angles?

Your students will have lots of fun creating this cool Easter craft. Download the Easter Agamograph Colouring In Template, and get your students colouring.

Talk to them about how the two different images are separated in the template. Focus on one image at a time to get the colours consistent.

Then, fold the picture like a fan, and move from right to left to see the different images.

Easter colouring activity

We hope you’ve been inspired by some of these super cute Easter craft ideas.

For even more super cute Easter craft and activity ideas for the classroom, check out our Easter Teaching Resource Collection!


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