11 Funny Kid Test Answers That Left Teachers Rolling

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Being a teacher is a lot of work … but sometimes that work comes with a little bit of very-much-needed levity. Ever sat down to grade papers, taken one look at the answer a student wrote, and laughed so hard you nearly fell out of the chair? Welcome to funny kid test answers … Teach Starter edition!

We know kids don’t just say the darndest things. They also write them as answers on their tests, providing teachers with endless entertainment. Here are some of our very favorites!

Funny Kid Test Answers

Funny kid test answer write five words you can spell

Always follow directions, kids. Always.

Kid Funny Test Answer Take Out Centi

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This kid truly redefined what we mean by math word problems!

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Funny Kid Test Answer Maze

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This a-maze-ing student is going the distance … but only the shortest one.

funny kid test answer dede

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Hey, Marina isn’t WRONG, y’all.

funny kid test answer who is your hero afraid of

Sounds like Mom’s the brave one here …

funny kid test answer i thinked

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A lot of thought went into the preparation of this funny kid test answer.

funny kid test answer horse and hoarse

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The homophone usage is A-plus quality here.

funny kid test answer omg why

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Ever sat down to grade spelling tests and asked yourself OMG, why? Yeah, us neither.

funny kid test answer covid 19

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We can stop worrying about the next generation now.

funny kid test answer defend your answer

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In our defense, this funny kid test answer made us snort out loud.

funny kid test answer

We’re not sure if we feel worse for Rodney or Mom!

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