20 Printable Sight Word Books for Little Learners

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Watch out! Teaching and learning sight words has never been so easy! Our new printable My Little Sight Word Books are the new essential teaching resource for primary grades.

These must-have little sight word books have been created as part of our Little Learners Month (a month we’re dedicating to amazing teachers who are champions of their PK-3 classrooms).

Sight Word Printables for Little Learners

As we all know, students need to be exposed to a range of activities to learn sight words. What’s more, repetition is key! So, each Little Sight Word Book includes 7 different activities that provide the opportunity for little learners to learn these tricky little words!


By the time your students have completed a Little Sight Word book, it will be hard not to remember the sight word! These handy little books are quick and easy to fold!

Stay with me to find out more…

The Genius Behind the Little Sight Word Books

The activities in our printable Little Sight Word Books give learners a chance to practice identifying, reading, and writing high-frequency words.

The best news is that these books have been created with independence in mind. So they are ideal to use as a:

  • task students complete independently
  • reading center activity
  • homework task
  • fast finisher task.

How will you use My Little Sight Word Books in your classroom?

Repetition and Visual Memory

These little gems are in no way time fillers! On the contrary, each activity in these foldable books facilities repetition and encourages your students’ visual memory to kick in.

The activities in the Little Sight Words Books include:

  1. Color It – encourages sustained focus on a word.
  2. Read It – encourages students to look at individual letters and supports visual memory.
  3. Trace It – provides a scaffold for writing sight words.
  4. Circle It – encourages students to identify the word.
  5. Complete It – give students to chance to use visual memory.
  6. Write It – encourages the use of visual memory to remember the shape of the word.
  7. Find It – challenges students to find the word horizontally and vertically.

Editable Little Sight Word Book

Can’t find the sight word that you are looking for? Simply head to the Editable Mu Little Sight Word Book and create exactly what you need!

Please note that these teaching and learning strategies are recommended for sight words only. For other spelling words, it is considered more effective to learn to spell words by using knowledge and understanding of the sounds in words and by understanding spelling patterns.

As you can see, these little books offer a seriously big result!

The bottom line is that sight words are tricky because they are not spelled the way they sound. So students need all the help they can get! We are excited to offer these My Little Sight Word Books as a solution for you and your students.

For more sight word resources, head to our Sight Words learning area collection.

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