5 Minutes of Mindfulness: Activity Task Cards

Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Written by Cassie (Teach Starter)

While lots of “teaching this will change your students’ lives” trends come and go, I have a feeling that helping kids learn about mindfulness is one that has more staying power. Our post 18 Amazing Mindfulness Activities for the Classroom is one of the most viewed on the Teach Starter blog and while we’re so happy to have provided kids mindfulness activity ideas in that format, we are in the business of creating awesome teaching resources that you can download and use in your classroom everyday!

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Which is where this beautiful resource comes in. Introducing our …

Mindfulness Activity Task Cards

Mindfulness Activities for Students

This set of 17 task cards contains the instructions you need to run each of the mindfulness activities outlined in the blog post.

Beautifully illustrated by one of our artists, these Mindfulness Activity Task Cards can be printed onto cardstock or laminated for use again and again.

Printable Mindfulness Teaching Resources

The Mindfulness Activity Task Cards can be downloaded in full color, low color, or black and white to suit your needs.

Daily Mindfulness Practice Trackers

In addition to the Mindfulness Activity Task Cards, we’ve also created a set of Daily Practice Trackers. You can enlarge these to tabloid size to display on your classroom wall.

Use stickers, a whiteboard marker, or the beautiful little pictures on the second page of the resource to keep track of your whole class daily mindfulness practice.

Daily Mindfulness Activity Practice Tracker

The Daily Mindfulness Practice Trackers are available with tables for 9 week, 10 week, and 11 week terms.

Mindfulness Resources for Students

Each of these wonderful mindfulness resources available to download in black and white.

Students can benefit from having their own copy of the mindfulness activity cards stapled into a little booklet. I printed these two pages per sheet to create a smaller booklet size.

You can also provide students with a black and white copy of the mindfulness tracker to use for their own personal practice. The little drawings in this version can be colored in too.

Mindfulness for Kids - Personal Practice Resources and Tracker

Providing students with their own tracker and booklet of mindfulness activities is a fantastic way to help them turn mindfulness practice into a habit. It can also help them to see the effect on their emotions at times when their mindfulness practice is inconsistent.

Tips for Teaching Mindfulness in the Classroom

If you’re wanting to know a little more about teaching mindfulness in the classroom, take a look through these additional resources:

Additional Mindfulness Teaching Resources

In addition to the professional support offered by the resources above, here are some more printable resources from our collection of Mindfulness teaching resources.

Have you taught mindfulness in your classroom before?
Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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