The Power of Captain Yet (Growth Mindset for Kids)


Written by Natalie

This is boring!“… “I can’t do that!“… “This is too hard.“… “I’m so bad at this.“… how many times have you heard this in your classroom? It’s no surprise that more and more importance is being placed on the power of perseverance and a growth mindset for kids.

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“I am not ready to do that just yet. I need to find out more about it before I can try.”

If the above statement sounds more like what you want to hear in your classroom, then you’re in luck!

We have created a powerful and meaningful resource pack that focuses on helping students overcome their learning challenges and build resilience in their daily lives. Meet Captain Yet, an optimistic character who believes in the positive power of having a growth mindset.

This must-have resource collection is jam-packed with Captain Yet resources themed around helping students overcome their learning challenges. It includes goal setting and tracker templates, posters and displays, worksheets, games, and activities. That’s the power of positivity!

What Does Growth Mindset for Kids Look Like?

Students who have a growth mindset believe that, through hard work and perseverance, they can grow and develop their knowledge and understanding. They focus on the process of learning, rather than the result, which is exactly what teachers want students to do!

That’s where Captain Yet and Pirate Nope come in. These Captain Yet themed resources are great for setting your growth mindset classroom values at the beginning of the school year. They also work well as maintenance activities to use throughout the year to remind your students that even though they may not be able to do something yet, with hard work and the right attitude, they can succeed.

Introducing Captain Yet

Captain Yet is the perfect guy to teach your class the values and characteristics of a growth mindset. With Captain Yet and his friend, Pirate Nope, your students will learn valuable lessons that will teach them the power of:

  • problem-solving
  • resourcefulness
  • optimism
  • grit
  • independence
  • persistence.

The Power of Captain Yet - Growth Mindset for Kids - Who is Captain Yet?

The characters Captain Yet and Pirate Nope are great role models for students due to the supportive nature of their friendship. Pirate Nope often feels as though he can’t overcome many of his learning challenges. Captain Yet is a fantastic friend and helps Pirate Nope see that through resilience and problem solving, every challenge has a solution.

Growth Mindset Learning Strategies

With Captain Yet and Pirate Nope, your students will go on a journey of discovery. With them as your guides, explore how simple everyday challenges in the classroom can be overcome with the power of yet and a positive mindset.

Your students will love to use the inspirational messages in these wall displays throughout the year! Print each poster individually and display it on your classroom walls, or download the smaller Are We There Yet? Captain Yet’s Joyous Journey – Poster and Captain Yet: Pirate Nope’s Odyssey It’s Not Over Yet – Poster and give one to each student to keep as a reminder on their desk.

The Power of Captain Yet - Growth Mindset for Kids - Yet's Journey

Once your students have taken on a growth mindset, have them practice their problem-solving skills with the Captain Yet Advice – Dice Game!

Setting Goals for a Growth Mindset

Your students will be happy to flex their growth mindset muscles!

Help primary students put their new skills into practice with the Growth Mindset Worksheets – Primary. There are four different worksheets so your students can complete a new one each 9-weeks to keep their mindset fresh.

The Power of Captain Yet - Growth Mindset for Kids - Handwriting Worksheet

The older students will benefit significantly from the Captain Yet Inspired Goals – Template as they work through their daily challenges.

Use this worksheet in conjunction with these goal setting and track templates:

Help your students overcome their learning challenges – download the amazing Captain Yet – Resource Pack today!

How do you promote a growth mindset for kids in your classroom?

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