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Odd and Even Number House Cards - Sorting Activity

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PDF | 5 pages | Grades: 2 - 3

A sorting task to help students identify odd and even numbers from 1-20.

Use this resource when teaching your students about odd and even numbers.

Print out the houses on cardstock for added durability and keep in a resealable bag.

In small groups, encourage the students to separate the houses with even numbers from the houses with odd numbers. Have them use counters and arrange in pairs if they need help deciding if a number is even or odd.

Once the students have separated the odd houses from the even houses, encourage them to place the odd houses in a row (in order) and the even houses in a row (in order).

Alternatively use this resource when teaching your students to put the numbers 1–20 in numerical order.

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  • Math 2.7(A)

    Determine whether a number up to 40 is even or odd using pairings of objects to represent the number;

  • Math 3.5

    Algebraic reasoning. The student applies mathematical process standards to analyze and create patterns and relationships. The student is expected to: (1) represent one- and two-step problems involving addition and subtraction of whole nu...

Teach Starter Publishing

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