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How to Make an Origami Pig Ring Video

Teach Starter Publishing
2 mins | Grades: 3 - 5

Make cute origami pig rings with your students using this easy-to-follow instructional origami video.

How to Make an Origami Pig Ring

Are you looking to take your students’ origami projects to the next level? Introducing Teach Starter’s series of origami animal ring videos!

Origami animal rings take the origami concept a step further by folding the paper into animal shapes that can be slipped onto a finger and worn as a ring. Creating origami animal rings involves precise folding techniques to shape the paper into the desired animal form while ensuring it remains sturdy and visually appealing. What a great way to help students develop their fine motor skills!

This origami video will teach your students how to make a simple origami pig ring. All your students will need to create their origami rings are some strips of colored paper and a little bit of patience! They’ll also need a black marker so they can add eyes, a snout, ears and other distinguishing features to their origami pig.

Benefits of Origami in the Classroom

Origami provides a multi-dimensional learning experience that combines visual, tactile and kinesthetic elements, making it suitable for a wide range of learners and subjects. Here are just a few of the benefits of doing origami in the classroom:

  1. Following Instructions – Origami videos offer an opportunity for students to practice following directions closely. They can listen to verbal instructions while simultaneously watching the folding process, reinforcing their ability to understand and execute sequential tasks.
  2. Fine Motor Skills – Origami requires precise folding and manipulation of paper, which helps develop fine motor skills. Watching a video and then attempting to replicate the folds encourages hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  3. Artistic Expression – Once students are familiar with basic origami techniques, they can use their creativity to explore and experiment with different designs. Origami videos can serve as inspiration for students to create their own unique creations.

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