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How to Make an Origami Fox Video

Teach Starter Publishing
1 min | Grades: K - 5

Teach your students how to make an easy origami fox with this instructional origami video.

Learn How to Make an Origami Fox

Origami serves as an excellent activity to rejuvenate students’ minds! Not only does it refine their fine motor skills, but it also imparts the ability to follow sequential instructions and improves spatial awareness by engaging with shapes. Moreover, it offers a calming experience, promoting mindfulness and alleviating stress among our students.

This origami video will teach your students how to make a simple origami fox. We recommend that you use this video in conjunction with our set of printable origami fox instructions that will guide your students through the paper-folding process. You’ll also need small pieces of colored paper and a black crayon or marker so your students can add eyes and a nose to their origami fox.

Incorporating origami into your lessons not only makes learning enjoyable but also provides a hands-on, interactive approach to exploring various subjects in the primary school curriculum.

Use This Origami Fox to Enhance Learning

Don’t send your students’ origami foxes out into the woods just yet! Incorporating these paper creations into your lessons can be both fun and educational for your students. Here are some ways you might like to use these origami foxes in your lessons:

  1. Animal Adaptations in Science – Use your students’ origami foxes to introduce the concept of animal adaptations. Discuss how foxes have evolved physical features such as large ears and bushy tails to help them survive in their habitats.
  2. Foxes in Literature – Brainstorm examples of fox characters in literature, e.g. Mr. Fox from The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the fox from The Gingerbread Man. Have students consider the characteristics applied to foxes in these fictional stories.
  3. Fox Habitats in Geography – Discuss the types of environments in which foxes choose to live. Have students research where these animals are found worldwide and mark these habitats on a world map.

More Easy Origami Animals

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