What's the Problem?

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60 mins | Suitable for years: 1 - 2

A 60 minute lesson in which students will develop a complication and resolution for a fairy tale.

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  • AC9E1LY06

    Create and re-read to edit short written and/or multimodal texts to report on a topic, express an opinion or recount a real or imagined event, using grammatically correct simple sentences, some topic-specific vocabulary, sentence boundary punctuation and correct spelling of some one- and two-syllab

  • AC9E2LE05

    Create and edit literary texts by adapting structures and language features of familiar literary texts through drawing, writing, performance and digital tools

  • AC9E2LY06

    Create and edit short imaginative, informative and persuasive written and/or multimodal texts for familiar audiences, using text structure appropriate to purpose, simple and compound sentences, noun groups and verb groups, topic- specific vocabulary, simple punctuation and common 2-syllable words

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