The Missing Mona Lisa — Integrated Learning Adventure

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9 x lessons | Suitable for years: 5 - 6

The Mona Lisa has vanished! This immersive tale of lies and intrigue takes students on an adventure to the Louvre, France. Can your students find the clues and crack the case?

This unit plan consists of 9 chapters of approximately 60 minutes duration.

The suggested time frames should be regarded as a guide only; teachers should pace lessons in accordance with the individual learning needs of their class.

While the learning experiences in this adventure have been specifically designed for Year 5 and 6, the content may be modified to suit other year levels.

What is Integrated Learning?

Integrated learning is a wonderful term to describe an activity that combines elements from different curriculum areas. It involves connecting skills and knowledge from multiple learning areas! In this way, students make connections across their curriculum and, in doing so, form a greater understanding of taught concepts.

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  • Suzie McManus

    What an amzing resource- my kids LOVED this unit. Even the most reluctant readers were fully engaged. Their critical thinking and oral language skills were put to the test and they loved every minute whether it was unpacking evidence, reading and listening to transcripts, finding out about France, the Louvre and Paris, they were on borad every step of teh way. So cleverly put together and the lessons were just the right length. I only teach this class one day a week, so I was set for the whole term! Please make more units like this!!

  • Claire Snyders

    My Year 6 class absolutely loved this. Everyday I would come in to the question “Have we got more evidence?” We set up an investigation wall after new evidence had been discovered and analysed. During transitions and pack and stack, students would get done as quick as possible and then stand around the wall debating their main suspects, pointing out their evidence and reasoning. At the end, they were really keen to do another, so seeing more would be amazing! Appreciate all the work you did behind the scenes to get this ready for us all.

    • Brittany Collins

      Hi Claire! Thanks for the great feedback! I'm so glad your class loved this resource!