How to Stay Connected with Students During School Closures

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You’ve spent so much time this year building connections with your students, and now school closures has completely thrown all of that hard work out the window. Not only are teachers having to quickly adapt and change everything they have known, but as the days go by… teachers are wondering how they can maintain contact and continue building relationships with their students.

While many teachers are recording videos and sometimes having video chats with students, it’s difficult to connect through a computer screen. So, some teachers are finding new and creative ways to engage with their students. This blog contains a mix of teacher ideas and resources we think you and your students will love!

Creative Ways to Stay Connected With Students

Class Challenge – Infinity Coloring

This is one of my favorite downloads on our website. Have you ever heard of an infinity coloring sheet? It’s a coloring sheet that can be stuck together like a magical puzzle! It’s literally the coloring sheet that goes on forever!

How gorgeous are the illustrations?

Infinity colouring sheet

You’re probably wondering, how is this going to help me stay connected with my students?

Here’s the idea, send the template to your students and have them color in one or as many pages as they wish. Then, have your students mail back the finished product. Students can learn all about how to ‘mail’ something the traditional way!

Then, start to put this magical puzzle together and send photos or a lapse video to the class. They will be so excited to see their piece go up and become part of a large piece of art!

How big can their class coloring page get?

Infinity colouring template

Send Handwritten Letters

We just adore this idea – go back to basics and write your students a handwritten note!

You may get a hand cramp by the end just like @teachingthetinies did! But, can you imagine the students’ faces when they discover their teacher has written them a personal letter!

Encourage them to write one back to you as well…

Send hand written notes home during school closures

Send Positive Vibes

It’s easy for us to get caught up in the mayhem that is the world at the moment. When students are feeling uneasy they often look to their adults for support and words of encouragement. Why not send them positive messages via a video each Monday morning?

We absolutely adore this one that @teachmesilly_ sent to her students. Such a simple idea that even gives us goosebumps!


Class Mascot Daily Check-Ins

This is another super cute idea for little learners. Do you have a class mascot? Or, do you have a class pet?

Meet Keith and Tilly – two koalas living their best lives in isolation with their teacher and sharing what they’ve been up to with their friends!

This dedicated teacher has set up an Instagram page – @keith.and.tilly. Parents of her students can follow the page and see the adventures their class mascots are having on a daily basis. A beautiful uplifting way to maintain a connection with students in your class.

Keith and Tilly – living their best life on the couch!

Class mascot - staying connected with students during school closures

Bitmoji Fun

We’ve written about how teachers use Bitmoji in the classroom before. So we couldn’t help but include this idea in our blog!

A new and fresh way to engage and connect with your students is by creating a Bitmoji for each one of them for their digital classroom! Thanks for the idea @teacherjdot.

We also have a student avatar creator that you may like to check out!

Using Bitmoji to connect with students during school closures

Design a Class Badge

Download our class badge template and assign your students the challenge of designing a class badge.

Why not set up a competition and have a vote on what your class badge will be.

Class badge template

We hope these awesome ideas have given you some inspiration for ways that you can maintain the relationship and connection with your students. We’d love to hear what you are doing to maintain relationships and connections with your students during school closures.

Leave us a comment below or send us a DM on Instagram – @teachstarter_us.

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