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The Best Teacher Shoes: How to Find Them + Discounts

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Updated | 4 min read

On average, teachers take 12,564 steps every single day in the classroom — that’s more than a hair stylist and pretty close to the amount of walking your average farmer does daily. So it’s probably no surprise that comfortable shoes for teachers are a must. But what are the best shoes for teachers?

And aside from finding a pair of teacher shoes that will look good in your #FeetUpFriday post on Instagram, what should you be looking for?

Teach Starter’s team is made up for a whole lot of teachers from around the United States who spend a lot of time on their feet. So we know how important it is to have good teacher shoes. We asked the experts what to look for in teacher shoes … and rounded up the best teacher discounts for shoes!

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Why Do Teacher Shoes Matter So Much?

Before you add a pair of shoes (or three) to your cart, let’s talk about your feet. Don’t worry — we’re not going to put up any photos of tootsies here. But real talk: You know you spend a LOT of time on your feet every day as a teacher.

But while many of us want to get in as many steps as we can for health reasons, spending that kind of time on your feet at work puts you at higher risk for foot problems.

“Walking and counting steps is a simple addition to a fitness routine, however occupational steps of 12,000 a day or more can be arduous on the body,” explains Dr. Wenjay Sung, a podiatrist and member of the American Podiatric Medical Association. “The inherent risks for occupational steps is damage directly to the bones, ligaments, and fat pad of the foot.”

The biggest problem? Stress fractures — or tiny cracks in the bone. These can happen because of overuse — particularly walking as much as teachers do!

How to Find the Most Comfortable Teacher Shoes

If you’re thinking “Just give me something comfortable!” we hear you. But what exactly does it take to have a comfortable teacher shoe? Here’s what Dr. Sung says will help you keep your feet from barking at the end of a long day of teaching:

  1. Shoe size: A good fit means fewer blisters and corns, plus fewer injuries.
  2. Durability: You walk a LOT — make sure your shoes can keep up with it all. When in doubt, Dr. Sung suggests a running shoe as they’re made from sturdier material than most “comfort” shoes.
  3. Bendability: Pick up the shoe with both hands, and see if you can bend it in half using just two fingers. If you can, it’s not a good teacher shoe, Dr. Sung says.
  4. Comfortable: Yes, you knew we’d get around to this. “Shoes that don’t feel right in the store will never feel right in the classroom,” Dr. Sung says. So try them on!

Best Teacher Shoe Discounts

Here at Teach Starter we love a good teacher discount (did you know we give first-year teachers 50% off a subscription? Tell yo’ friends!). And when it comes to finding good teacher shoes, there are some other brands who agree with us!

  • Adidas: Running shoes come recommended by experts like Sung, and Adidas offers a 30% off discount for teachers to use at an Adidas store or online. You can also score 20% off to use at their factory stores!
  • Asics:  It’s another running shoe brand that gives teachers a discount! You’ll be required to show some proof of your school employment, but you’ll get a one-time use promo code to use at
  • J. Crew: Get your teacher shoes and your teacher outfit handled in one shopping trip with a 15% off J. Crew teacher discount to use in stores and online.
  • Keds: The shoemakers offer teachers a 20% off discount.
  • Puma: The sneaker brand offers 10% off on teacher shoes with their educator discount.
  • Reebok: One of the bigger teacher shoe discounts out there — Reebok gives teachers 40% off.
  • Rothy’s: We know they’re a big hit with teachers, and the brand offers up a 20% discount for teachers.
  • Timberland: You can really load up on new teacher shoes with the Timberland discount: They offer teachers 20% off, and you can use it every 30 days.
  • Ugg: Treat your teacher tootsies to a 10% off discount from the popular boot makers.
  • Zappos: Don’t want to be stuck with one particular brand? Get your pick of teacher shoes with 10% off at Zappos for an entire year — anything you buy that year will earn your teacher discount.

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