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Escape Room Activities Teaching Resources

Are you looking for digital escape rooms for kids to build teamwork and help students develop their critical thinking skills? Say hello to escape room activities designed by expert teachers and ready to play in your classroom! Each escape room activity in this curated collection has undergone a thorough review by the teachers on the Teach Starter team, so it won't just provide a fun experience for your students. It will help them build critical problem-solving and group work skills while they are at it! With themes for each escape room story, the activities allow students to engage in concepts they are currently learning in a puzzle format, which means it's fun to boot. Although escape rooms have been around for a while, online escape rooms only took off in popularity in recent years, so you may not be completely familiar. Have no fear: Our intrepid team of teachers has put together your ultimate guide to adding these activities to your classroom!

What Is an Escape Room?

Online or virtual escape rooms are just like the real thing — they're fun games designed to test your logic and critical thinking skills. Students can work together to find the answers to the series of small puzzles or riddles, which when put together, make the code or secret password needed. Our teacher team has cooked up dozens of escape rooms to get you started, from Thanksgiving adventures to play as a whole class activity before the holiday break to puzzles focused on saving the school librarian's lost library card. Download any of the activities now, and let the fun begin! Want to take things a step further? Although there's no "real" room to escape from, you can certainly add a physical component to your classroom escape room! Put a physical box that is locked in your classroom with a prize inside. Once students have solved their digital escape room activity, challenge them to unlock the box!
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