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Exit Tickets Teaching Resources

Make formative assessments easy with printable exit tickets ready for your classroom and ready for that all-important student progress monitoring! Designed by teachers and curated by our expert teacher team, every exit ticket template in this collection has been created with students in mind.

What Are Exit Tickets?

Sometimes called a “ticket to leave,” the primary purpose of an exit ticket is to have a quick check-in and see if your students have grasped concepts taught to them in a lesson. Students fill them out after the lesson, and teachers comb through the answers, looking for clues as to how well the lesson was understood, what needs to be reviewed, and how to better teach that lesson and others in the future. Basically? Exit tickets are like a classroom Yelp review … without all the trolling and screaming capital letters! Sometimes, exit tickets focus on the same sorts of questions, such as:
  • What have you learned today?
  • Did you find anything difficult?
  • Would you like to know more about something?
  • Circle the face that corresponds to how you are feeling about this lesson — like these fun printable monster-themed tickets!
Other times, exit tickets are content-focused, with specific questions designed to determine just what information students have retained and what needs to be revisited.
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