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Prefixes and Suffixes - Gallery Walk Activity

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PDF | 23 pages | Grades: 3 - 6

A set of 24 prefix and suffix cards to use as a gallery walk activity.

Go on a Gallery Walk to Discover the World of Prefixes and Suffixes

Use this activity when teaching your students about prefixes and suffixes.

Using a Gallery Walk 

  • Put your students in groups of 2–3.
  • Hang each sheet an equal distance apart on the walls in your room.
  • Assign each pair a starting card.
  • Provide an allotted time for the pairs to add as many words as they know (and have not already been added to the poster) that have that prefix or suffix. When time is up, use a signal (e.g., blow a whistle, ring a bell, clap your hands, flick the lights on and off) to tell the students to move to the next card.
  • Students will move in the same direction. Play continues until the students return back to the card they started at.

No-Prep Printable Prefix and Suffix Activities for Kids

Prefixes include: de, dis, ex, il, im, in, mis, non, pre, re, and un.

Suffixes include: able, al, er, est, ful, ible, ly, ing, less, ly, ness, and y.

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