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Are you looking for some teaching inspiration? Sometimes it’s a photo, an idea, an organisational hack or simply scrolling through Instagram that gives you that little bit of inspiration that you may need to make the teaching of a concept or the running of your classroom that much better! We’ve scrolled through every photo that has been #teachstarter in 2018 and have put the best 35 photos all in one inspiring blog.

Take a look and see if something takes your fancy…

Teacher Inspiration From the Instagram Community

1. Perfect Lesson Conclusion

Love this photo of our Reflective Sentence Starter Cards.

Print these sentence starters out and stick them to large coloured paddle pop sticks. Store them in an easy to reach spot for a quick and useful lesson conclusion.

2. Clever Word Wall Display

We aren’t all blessed with big classrooms and amazing walls to grace with displays. This is such a clever use of any of our editable word wall templates.

In this photo, the Rainbow Word Wall Template has been used.

3. Cute Birthday Displays

This gorgeous photo features some of our amazing display resources including, our Sea Jelly Birthday Display Template and our Classroom Calendar Pack

4. Group Organisation in the Classroom

How can you not love this photo? A mix of bright colours, organisation and sea animals!!

Our super cute Grouping Posters – Aquatic Animals have been matched with some Elizabeth Richards book tubs to create this gorgeous setup.

5. Student Desk Mats for the Win

This calming green student desk plate is the perfect addition to your students’ desks, especially in the early years.

This particular editable desk plate is called the Desk Plate Alphabet and Number Lines – Green Swirls.


What student doesn’t love Bingo? A great and fun way to consolidate your students’ learning.

This particular bingo game is our Telling the Time Bingo – Hour, Half-Hour, Quarter To and Quarter Past.

7. Compliments Are the Best

Spread kindness in your classroom by creating a compliments box and improve the classroom community vibe.

All you’ll need is a tissue box and our Compliment Box Decorations and Compliment Cards.

8. First Day Activity Idea

Love this gorgeous display. There’s nothing more satisfying for students than seeing their own designs or words on display in a classroom.

Print out our [FREE] Just One Kind Word Positivity Poster and as a class, brainstorm nice words that you can say to a friend.

9. Set Up a Writing Station

We just adore this gorgeous setup. A fantastic way to engage and encourage your students to experiment with letters and words in the early years.

In this image, there are a few of our resources in use.

Our editable Spelling Display Banner and our Letter Formation Alphabet Posters (with instructions) that are available in school fonts.

10. Set Up a Learning Display

Setting up purposeful learning displays in your classroom that are subject-specific are a fantastic way to assist your students along their learning journey. This gorgeous set up of animal adaptations has been created using the following Teach Starter resources:

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??☀️ Science word wall thanks to @teachstarter Linking perfectly with or Primary Connectjons Science Unit – Deadly Deserts. My class are super engaged and it’s been a lot of fun so far. I find anything to do with animals has them hooked straight away and it’s surprising the previous knowledge they have. I’m excited for them to begin their assessment researching an Australian dessert species and it’s adaptations #deadlydeserts #primaryconnections #teachstarter #sciencewordwall #biologicalscience #loverofscience #desertlearning primaryschoolteacher #teacherlife #teachersofinstagram #aussieteachers #teachqld #teachersfollowteachers #iteachfifth #iteachtoo #aussieteachertribe #teachingdownunder #upperprimary #year5teacher #year6teacher #teachqld

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11. Guided Reading Folder – Organisation Love

Our Guided Reading Folder Templates have been super popular this year, and it’s no wonder why!

Read all about how to set it up in our blog, Guided Reading Folder | The Must Have Teaching Tool.

12. Hands-On Adding Fun

Our Lady Beetle Adding Activity is in action in this photo! This is a great hands-on activity for students to consolidate simple adding.

Plus, it’s a free teaching resource download – score!

13. The Teacher Ikea Hack of 2018!

A great way to have a desk display that is easy for students to utilise! We created some Tolsby Frame Poster Packs that fit these frames perfectly.

Here are our downloadable Tolsy Frame poster packs:

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Loving the Tolsby maths charts from #teachstarter.

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14. Get Arty!

Sometimes, it can be tricky to plan purposeful and meaningful art activities for your students.

Our Art Elements Activity Task Cards include 28 art activity task cards that explore each of the art elements.

Check out this awesome art display including two of the art activities.

15. Funky Easter Bunny Craft

We couldn’t possibly create a ‘best of’ photos on Instagram without featuring our Funky Easter Bunny Template.

16. Hands-On Learning

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing one of our resources making a classroom buzz!

This simple, but effective Place Value Mat – Under Construction Theme is a staple must-have in any early years classroom.

17. Let’s Learn About 2D Shapes!

This set of 6 shape playdough mats help children to develop their fine motor skills all while identifying different 2D shapes.

We love how the amazing Lauren from Teach Types used our Shape Playdough Mats for Fine Motor Development and providing her students with a variety of materials.

18. Fun with Letters

Using letter tiles in the classroom has a surprising number of benefits for students. Including, a fun whole class game of Boggle!

You may like to download our Word Tile Total Activity – Uppercase which include the letters of the alphabet in a variety of fonts.

19. Learning about Chance

A super fun chance game for students to play when learning about probability!

Download our Lucky Ducks – Chance Game for a fun interactive hands-on activity for maths rotations.

20. Make Me a Radical Robot Maths Investigation

A mathematics investigation about 3D objects, embedded in a real-world context. Download our 3D Objects Maths Investigation.

We love this image of students’ creations using this maths investigation! What fun!

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Using inspiration from @teachstarter to turn our 2D designs into 3D creations!! I gave my students a mixture of random nets and they had to use those to design a 2D version of their ‘robot’ (I use that word very loosely in the scenario). Using their design they created their 3D version. They had to create their own nets if they wanted them in coloured paper or wanted smaller or larger version. Great team building activity and they loved it! However if I hear the works tuxedo T-Rex one more time today I may loose it hahaha- he is adorable! #twoteachersoneblog #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #aussieteachers #aussieteachertribe #iteachtoo #teachstarter #3Dshapes

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21. Bingo Storage Hack

We’ve got a few followers who are Bingo-aholics! And… it’s no surprise – we have over 50 different Bingo classroom games available to download on our website.

22. Teaching Resource Storage Solution

Do you ever download a resource or classroom game, use it once and then forget about it because it’s hidden under a pile of other resources?

This image is #teacherorganisationgoals.

23. Good Friends Bloom Here

This [FREE] download of our Friendship Flower Template is the perfect display for the start of the school year

Students write about the qualities of a good friend on the petal of their flower template – cute!

24. Cupcake Match Fun

Numbers to 20 Cupcake Match-Up Activity is the perfect hands-on activity to consolidate your students’ knowledge of their numbers to 20.

25. Word Building Activity

More hands-on learning with our Word Building Mat – Motorbike Theme.

A great resource to use when learning to build and segment words with students using their knowledge of phonemes, blends and digraphs.

26. Teacher Love

It’s all well and good to see these resources already printed, laminated and in use in the classroom. But, what about all the hard work that goes into finding that perfect activity and printing, cutting and laminating it!

From a teacher who’s been there – I had to include this amazing image of a dedicated teacher doing her ‘thang’.

27. Parent Handbook for Parent Information Nights

How amazing would it be for parents in your classroom to receive one of these little beauties? Attach a magnet strip on the back for their fridge.

A quick and easy way to check information about the running of your classroom with our Editable Parent Handbook Template.

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So tomorrow we are having our schools official transition day instead of on the state wide day (3 of our 4 teaching staff, including myself, will be away on camp for the state wide day). Part of the day for my involves meeting with my new prep parents to get to know them and share the important information they need to know. What better way to do this than with the amazing @teachstarter flip book. I whipped these up this afternoon and now my parents will have all the information they need in one handy pile they can stick on their fridge!! #teachstarter #transitionday #prep #gradeone #primaryteacher #teacher #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #iteachtoo #aussieteachers #aussieteachertribe #downunderteachers #austeachers #teachersdownunder #iteach #countryteacher #teachers #aussieteachersofinstagram #victeach #victeachers #teachvic #melbourneteachertribe #iteach56 #iteachfive #iteachsix #yearfive #yearsix #gradefive #gradesix

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28. Funky Snowman

A fun Funky Snowman Craft Template in use in the classroom.

Students learn about different patterns to fill the different sections of the snowman.

29. Gabbi Meet and Greet

We couldn’t forget to include a photo of our amazing VIP Teacher’s event where Gabbie Stroud, author of Teacher, came and spoke and meet all of the lucky winners of tickets to this exclusive event.

We love Gabbie!!

We absolutely love seeing our resources in use in the classroom!

Don’t forget to #teachstarter in your images for us to spread the Teach Starter love.


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