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Change: Desk Mats – Upper Grades

Suggested by Rachel Lane

To be able to customise names.

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Hi Rachel,

Thanks again for submitting your request to Teach Starter.

We have reviewed your request (Change: Desk Mats – Upper Grades) and determined that it does not meet our Teach Starter Request Guidelines (TSRG).

We welcome you to revise your request and submit it again. However, please take the time to review the Request Guidelines before submitting.

You can read the TSRG here: https://www.teachstarter.com/about/teach-starters-request-guidelines/

In regard to this particular request, due to the limitations of the customisation suite we currently have, it would be impossible to add a further level of customisation on top of the ability to change fonts. We would love to be able to accommodate you and this request in the future, unfortunately at this stage is it not possible.

If you have any questions in regards to this message or feel that your request has been wrongfully rejected, please reply and I’ll be happy to help.

Kind regards,

Kristian · Jan 30th, 2018