26 Call and Response Ideas for the Classroom From Music, Movies and More

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Do you use call and response in your classroom? The strategy for student attention-grabbing has extended far beyond education to sporting events, concerts, and even the military. But there’s nothing like a teacher standing in front of the classroom, calling out a phrase, and hearing the students share the response.

If you’re looking to add teacher call and response to your classroom or looking for new phrases to add to your repertoire, here are some ideas!

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What Is Call and Response in Education?

New to the concept? In a nutshell, call and response is a statement by one person (or group) followed by an answering statement by another person or group. In a musical setting, that can mean a performer calls out a popular line from a song and then turns the microphone on the crowd to follow up with the next line.

In the classroom, call and response is typically used by a teacher as a cue for students to stop what they’re doing and pay attention. The teaching strategy is typically verbal, but you can add in hand or body movements too.

So, for example, a teacher may call out “1, 2, 3, eyes on me,” and students know to stop what they’re doing and respond with “1, 2, eyes on you.” Not only does it capture students’ attention, but it refocuses them on the process of responding.

Call and Response Classroom Examples

When it comes to picking calls — and responses — you can really mine from anywhere in life from popular songs to sports chants to onomatopoeia. Here are some of our favorite call and response classroom examples.

Call and response from daily life

  • Call: Flat tire!
  • Response: Shhhhhhhh.
  • Call: Macaroni and cheese
  • Response: Everybody freeze.
  • Call: Hocus pocus!
  • Response: Everybody focus!
  • Call: Banana split …
  • Response: I know how to sit!

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Call and response from songs

When kids already know the songs you’re sing-songing as a call and response attention-getter, it gets even more fun! Try these songs on for size to encourage listening in your classroom:

  • Call: Chicken wing, chicken wing.
  • Response: Hot dog and baloney, chicken and macaroni, chillin’ with my homies. 
  • Call: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
  • Response: Spongebob squarepants!
  • Call: Peanut butter
  • Response: Jelly time!
  • Call: Mo money?
  • Response: Mo problems! 
  • Call: Alright, stop!
  • Response: Collaborate, and listen! 
  • Call: Stop!
  • Response: It’s hammer time! 
  • Call: Goodness gracious
  • Response: Great balls of fire. 
  • Call: Gangnam
  • Response: Style
  • Call: Wake me up!
  • Response: Before you go, go.
  • Call: Everybody
  • Response: Have fun tonight!
  • Call: If you have a problem …
  • Response: Yo, I’ll solve it!
  • Call: Bidi bidi
  • Response: Bom bom!

Call and response from movies

Have a favorite movie quote? They make for great call and response too!

  • Call: Shark bait. 
  • Response: Ooh ha ha!
  • Call: To infinity! 
  • Response: And beyond! 
  • Call: Do you wanna …
  • Response: Build a snowman?
  • Call: Hakuna?
  • Response: Matata
  • Call: Wax on?
  • Response: Wax off!
  • Call: May the force … 
  • Response: Be with you!
  • Call: ET
  • Response: Phone home!

Call and response from sports

Depending on where you’re teaching, you may want to call on the popular chants from local sports teams — or even your school district — to engage your students. Here are some of our favorites from around the US!

  • Call: J-E-T-S
  • Response: Jets, Jets, Jets!
  • Call: Rock, chalk
  • Response: Jayhawk!
  • Call: We are
  • Response: Penn State

Longer call and response sequences

You may opt for longer call and response sequences that make sure your kids are truly engaged and paying attention. These require you to make several calls, and your class needs to be ready with multiple responses! For example:

  • Call: Class?
  • Response: Yes?
  • Call: Class, class?
  • Response: Yes, yes?
  • Call: Class, class, class?
  • Response: Yes, yes, yes

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Let us know your favorite call and response phrases in the comments.


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