Easy and Effective Classroom Door Display Ideas

Holly (Teach Starter)

Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Sometimes decorating the classroom just isn’t enough … you’ve got to decorate the door to your classroom too! What is it they say about doors? They’re windows to the soul?

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Well, classroom door displays are definitely windows to the kind of learning environment that’s hiding on the inside.

Classroom Door Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking for fresh ideas for your classroom door decorations, let’s get started! From superhero displays to colorful rainbows, we’ve got you covered.

Begin the Day With a Rainbow

Decorating your classroom door is a lot of work, and you may be up for doing that kind of work a few times throughout the year … but if you’re not, then opt for something that will last the whole year through!

This rainbow-themed door display will suit any classroom for the whole year, no matter what theme or topic you are learning about. This quote is a wonderful reminder to your students about being a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

Classroom door decoration

What you’ll need:

The rest is up to you! Copy the image above, or add your own little touches.

Borrow from the Movies

elf movie classroom door decor

Crack your kiddos up with a funny quote or reference to a famous movie — that’s what Speech-Language Pathologist Carrie Ann Welsh did with this hilarious Elf-inspired door display for her classroom!

Pay Tribute to Songs

classroom door display yellow submarine the beatles

Movies aren’t the only pop culture references that make for great classroom door display ideas! Teacher Jade Louise put her love of The Beatles on display with this epic Yellow Submarine classroom door!

Encourage Your Little Explorers

Where does a yellow submarine go? Under the sea, of course! Dive deep with an adventure in the deep blue ocean on your door.

Classroom door decoration

What you’ll need:

Hot tip: There is an amazing tool, called a Circle Leaver Punch that allows you to create large colored circles; it’s like a massive hole punch!

Let Your Superheroes Soar

Using our Superhero Themed Classroom Reward System and  Door Display, the sky’s the limit with these gorgeous illustrations. You can download, print, and inspire!

Classroom door display ideas

I particularly like this display because by including your students’ names on the door they instantly feel welcomed into their new learning space.

The Sky’s the Limit – Space Themed Classroom Door

This space-themed door display template looks phenomenal on a black background. The inspirational title of ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ sets up your students to reach for the stars! What’s not to love about that?

Easy Peasy Classroom Door Displays

We Soar to Great Heights – Hot Air Balloon Classroom Door

These super cute hot air balloon templates are easy to cut out, and with a bit of string, you can add a little craftiness to this door display. This is a bright classroom door decorating idea that looks super uplifting (see what I did there?) on a nice blue background.

You can stick in a photo of each of your students between the basket and the balloon, to make it look like they are traveling in a hot air balloon. Alternatively, you can put in the students’ names as we have done in the below image.

Easy Peasy Classroom Door Displays

Gear Up for a Great Year – Robot Themed Classroom Door

This robot-inspired classroom door display looks incredible on a black background. Start your students off on the right foot with these cute robots with their names, or better yet, their faces in the robots’ heads.

Easy Peasy Classroom Door Displays

Look Who’s Blooming – Garden Themed Classroom Door

This is a gorgeous garden-themed classroom door display, especially for a pre-school or kindergarten door. I would definitely suggest using photos of your students in this display. It’s just too cute not to.

Easy Peasy Classroom Door Displays

Each door display is available in black and white. So you can save on color ink by printing the letters on colored paper and getting your students to decorate their own robot, hot air balloon, flower, or an astronaut. The students will feel like they have contributed to the door display themselves!

Easy Peasy Classroom Door Displays

Here’s a snapshot of how we created some of these door ideas:


Check out our collection of customizable letter sets for classroom displays where you can pick and choose your letters and words depending on your classroom theme.

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Easy and Effective Classroom Door Display Ideas

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