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Group Work Role Cards

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PDF | 10 pages | Grades: 2 - 6

Review and reinforce eight possible roles for group work with this set of 2-in-1 reusable posters and desk cards.

Streamline Group Work in the Classroom

When students work in groups, they do more than just the assigned task. They hone and use skills like communication, problem-solving, and time management too! 

So if you don’t set clear expectations from the start, it’s no surprise that the workload gets imbalanced amongst team members. 

Use these posters to establish roles for each group task participant to know how they will contribute to the assignment. The roles students will take on through this resource include:

  • Group Leader
  • Speaker
  • Recorder
  • Materials Manager
  • Sound Manager
  • Timekeeper
  • Encourager
  • Ambassador

Easily assign groups with our Random Name Picker Widget! 

How to Use Role Cards for Group Work

Organize your group work with this download that includes a set of role cards and a set of posters.


Before using the role cards, it is important to review each function with your whole class. Project each poster on the screen to review the roles with your students. Then, hang the posters in a prominent location in your classroom to review with your students throughout the year.


Print enough sets of the role cards for each group to have one complete set. Cut them out and store them in clear sleeves to be used repeatedly. When students work in groups, give them a set of role cards and have them decide which group member will be assigned each position. Students place their role cards in front of them as a reminder of their duties and let you know who is responsible for each role. 

Prepare This Resource for Your Students

One download includes one complete set of role cards and a set of role posters. This resource will print as a PDF. Please use the dropdown menu to choose between color or black and white options.

Print on cardstock. Display posters in your classroom for students to reference when doing group work. Slide cards into ½-size clear sleeves for students to keep at their desks. 

Fill your classroom with more posters and interactive displays!

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