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Hollywood Classroom Theme - Number Line - Negative and Positive

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PDF | 1 page | Grades: 5 - 7

Add a bit of spice to your Hollywood-themed classroom with a printable movie-themed number line.

Number line from -20 to 20 with a movie theme. 

Spice Up Your Hollywood Themed Classroom with A New Number Line

High school teachers will never understand; sometimes, elementary teachers just don’t see the point. You might even get the side-eye when folks come into your classroom. Why? Is it because you have a themed classroom? While some teachers prefer basic classroom decor, many teachers will agree that having a themed classroom is like having a work of art that you walk into every morning. Why do teachers love themed classrooms so much? Here’s what our teacher team thinks about having fun classroom themes.

  • Themed classrooms help create a fun and exciting atmosphere for their students.
  • A fun theme can make the classroom feel like a special place and help students feel more engaged and interested in their learning.
  • A fun classroom theme gives teachers flexibility (which doesn’t happen often) to use their creativity and bring a personal touch to the space they spend so much time in.
  • Why not theme your classroom…. it is yours, after all!

Printable Number Lines for Movie Themed Bulletin Boards and Classrooms

Download and print this fun number line as a mathematics bulletin board, interactive component on your calendar wall, or a stationary display in your classroom for student reference. This fun number line features a fun movie reel design and numbers from -20 to 20. If you don’t need the negative numbers, don’t print them! If you only want to go to 10, just print those! You can make your numberline fit your space!

Download-Print-and Hang Your New Printable Classroom Number Line

This resource prints as an easy-to-use PDF file. Print them out, laminate them if you like, and hang them up! That’s it! No driving to the supply store, no worrying about waiting for an online order to ship. You get your number line now, and it’s ready to use in just a few minutes!


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