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Inflectional Endings - Spelling with Suffixes Worksheets

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Google Slide, PDF | 1 page | Grades: 2 - 4

Spell words with the inflectional endings -ed, -ing, -s, -es and -ies with a pack of printable practice worksheets covering inflected endings.

Inflectional Endings & Suffix Worksheets

If inflectional endings and suffixes aren’t the same, then what’s the difference?

It’s a common misconception that inflectional endings and suffixes are the same but serve different grammatical functions. Simply put, suffixes and inflectional endings are both types of word endings that modify the meaning of a word, but they serve other purposes. Suffixes are added to the end of a word to change its meaning or function, while inflectional endings are added to indicate things like tense, number, or gender. 

This pack of printable worksheets seeks to guide your students through mastering the art of pluralizing words and changing verb tense using the inflected endings -s, -es and -ies, -ed and -ing, along with the following additional worksheets. 

  • Inflectional Endings with Short Vowel Words
  • Inflectional Endings with Long Vowel Words
  • The 3 Sounds of /ed/ Worksheet
  • Add a Suffix – Roll and Write – Using -s, -ed, and -ing
  • Add a Suffix – Spelling With Suffixes Worksheet
  • Doubling Consonants Worksheet
  • Suffix Search – Identifying Suffixes in Text Worksheet

With these resources, students will increase their abilities to use inflectional endings and spelling rules to create plurals and verbs in different tenses.

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