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Teaching Ideas

Here you'll find a range of teaching ideas ready to use in your primary classroom. We bring you tried and tested classroom activities, teaching strategies and classroom management tips to help you cater exactly to your students' needs. Not to mention, the huge range of high-quality, professionally designed, downloadable teaching resources and freebies to support your positive teaching endeavours too.  Bookmark this page for a constant stream of fantastic teaching ideas. Go on! Let's make your classroom buzz!

For the Love of Teaching Podcast

Welcome to the Teach Starter podcast, For the Love of Teaching. Join us as we chat to inspirational, everyday teachers. It's real, it's uplifting, it's funny, it's for the love of teaching!

In the Classroom

Teachers can spend more time in their classroom than any other place in their daily lives! Which is why we know that managing your students’ learning spaces is important. Not only that, but keeping your classroom organised makes a big difference to student behaviour and how smoothly your daily routines will run. In this category of The Chalkboard you'll find blog posts that give you the best classroom organisation tips and tricks, along with classroom display and classroom decor ideas. We'll help you figure out flexible seating and set up a rich visible learning environment. There's no need to spend hours scrolling through Pinterest. We've already done it for you!

Life and Wellbeing

We know that teaching is hard work. For all of the rewarding experiences, it provides educators with, there are always difficult ones too! While our team of teachers work hard to create high-quality teaching resources to help save you time and stress, sometimes you need a little more. Our Life & Wellbeing category is where you can come to rest, to giggle, to recharge and to remember what it is that brought you to this career in the first place. Whether you are a beginning teacher looking for support and inspiration, or a seasoned teacher in need of a dose of new funny teaching memes, these posts will help you to round out your day just the way you need.

About Teach Starter

Have you ever wondered who is bringing you all of the resources, illustrations and inspirations that you find on the Teach Starter website and social media pages? Or what impetus drove our founders Scott and Jill to create the company in the first place? Well, wonder no more! In this blog category you can find out all about how our company began, from a single thought shared under a mango tree on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, to the buzzing, passionate and creative team that make up Teach Starter today. Read our stories, hear about our growing community and find out what's new at Teach Starter HQ..

For Parents

As a parent, having kids in school can often make us feel like we are students again ourselves! In this blog category, you'll find the best tips and advice for supporting your child through their schooling journey (plus awesome ideas and downloads for school holiday activities too!). We'll look at everything from homework tips for parents, to what you can do to help when your kids are learning to read. Maybe you'd like to refresh some of those primary school Mathematics concepts that you haven't really thought about in years! Bookmark this page for your regular fix of no-nonsense, actionable tips and tricks and helpful, teacher-designed downloadable learning resources.