Hundreds of thousands of teachers worldwide rely on Teach Starter.

Improve student learning outcomes with access to our library of over 140 000+ pages of quality, curriculum-aligned teaching resources and educational tools.

Enhance teacher wellbeing by providing access to streamlined assessment and resources that save teachers hours each week when they're preparing for the classroom.

Teach Starter's innovative educational tools and digital delivery methods are keeping teachers up-to-date with current learning methods.

Tools for Efficient and Accountable Teaching

  • Digital Assessment

    Ease the burden of marking with Assess, our digital assessment tool. The self-grading feature helps teachers grade students' work quickly and easily. Teachers can create quizzes, games, polls and even ongoing formative and summative assessments to share with their students digitally.

  • Real-Time Data

    Monitor and evaluate student comprehension through real-time result dashboards and post-activity reports, using Assess. Easily export data for analysis, school reporting, or to provide parents. Enjoy automated curriculum reporting at an activity, class and student level.

  • Quality Teaching Resources

    Our resources can be downloaded and stored for later use, making them easy to access offline. With 140 000+ pages of premium, curriculum-aligned teaching resources, there is something for everyone!

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More than 50% of Australian primary schools use Teach Starter resources in their classrooms.

How can a School Plan support your school?

  • Curriculum-Aligned Learning

    Our library of premium teaching resources aligns with the Australian Curriculum and state standards. Search by learning area, strand, sub-strand and code, making strategic curriculum planning easy. Our resources include both activity-based and project-based elements across multiple learning areas.

  • Protect Your Teachers' Time

    Our resource library reduces time spent on searching for and creating appropriate classroom resources, while digital assessment data allows teachers to identify problem areas quickly. Your teachers will find more time to dedicate to perfecting lesson planning and differentiating instruction for individual learners.

  • Plan for Student Success

    With Assess, teachers can effortlessly employ regular formative assessment throughout the term to identify student skill levels and address knowledge gaps. With robust data collection teachers are empowered to help students achieve learning objectives.

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