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Hands up if you love a well-organized classroom!

Sure, Pinterest is a never-ending pool of amazing classroom labeling and display ideas, but what you really need after wading through all of that inspiration and choosing your new classroom theme are high-quality, professionally designed templates that you can customize for your class.

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In this post, I present to you the most popular, most downloaded of our customizable classroom organization resources.

If you haven’t already checked out the plethora of editable classroom labels, banners and signs in our Classroom Organization category, prepare to be wowed! And nope, I don’t feel like this is an unsuitable context for using the word plethora… There are literally hundreds of files available for you to edit, download, print, and display.

For those of you with a Teacher Plan or an Ultimate Plan, the blue “Customize” button pictured below is soon to become the ‘Teacher Resource Creation’ button of your dreams!

With that in mind, here are the most downloaded from each of our categories of customizable classroom labels, signs, and decor.

Desk Plates

classroom labels deskplates that you can customise

Did you know just how easily you can edit Teach Starter desk plates to suit the needs of your specific class?

There are a wide variety of designs and layouts available. Here are the most popular desk plate downloads, though you can also check out our full desk plate collection.

custom primary school student deskplates

Our Top 4 Editable Desk Plate Designs

Choose your favorite design and then select the font that is right for your students. On each of our Alphabet and Number Line templates you can also specify the following:

  • handwriting lines
  • number count
  • alphabet layout.

Download your customized template and handwrite your student’s name on each, OR click on the “Customize” button to add your students’ names in the font of your choice, to create desk plates as @ms_jordyrai has in the photo below!

Name Tags

There are over 200 designs available in the downloadable Name Tags category. Print and write names, or use the Teach Starter Studio to add custom names or words to each label. And, you can do all of this using the font of your choice!

How cute are the labels @miss.a_kindy printed for her class!

Our Top 4 Name Tag Templates

Save time when customizing resources by adding your students’ names to a Word List in your Teach Starter Gallery!

Tray Labels (A.K.A. Anything Labels!)

Clever @missgsclassroom has printed out our tray label template two to a page and used them on these great little storage drawers!

Downloadable tray label templates can be used in a variety of ways. Create clear and professional labels for the trays, drawers, containers, and boxes in your classroom by clicking the blue “Customize” button and adding the text you need on each label in the Teach Starter Studio.

Our 4 Most Downloaded Tray Label Designs

Welcome Signs

customisable classroom welcome signs

Before you spend hours drawing, cutting, writing, gluing, and laminating five million different pieces of colored cardstock to create something from scratch, have a look at these classroom door sign templates.

Created by our team of talented, professional designers and illustrators, there’s no need for you to skimp on quality when it comes to this year-long classroom decoration!

Balloons, stars, busy bees, monkeys, owls, monsters, sport, music, and science… There are over two dozen individually themed Welcome Banner templates ready for you to customize, download, and print!

The 4 Most Popular Welcome Sign Designs

Classroom Display Banners

How you use our many customizable classroom display banners is restricted only by your imagination.

We have created themed classroom banner templates, like the Digital Technology banner used amazingly alongside our Technology Posters in the display by @misslisasclassroom pictured above. You can change the font and text that is printed on your classroom banner, which means you can quickly and easily customize, download, and print a new banner for any event or display.

Our 4 Most Popular Display Banner Templates

Classroom Theme Packs!

If you’re in need of a complete classroom makeover, you don’t need to spend time searching for the matching files in each of our downloadable classroom labels, banner, and sign categories. The Classroom Theme Packs do this legwork for you, with each theme pack including a cover page, welcome sign, name tags, word wall title page, word wall cards, equipment signs, tray labels, border trimmers, assessment tracking sheet, number chart, weekly task chart, timetable, page border, and group display poster.


Not only that, but they are also fully customizable! You can add to each resource any custom text, the names of your students, or any other word lists you have saved in your Gallery. Just click on the blue ‘Customize” button (as pictured at the top of this post) and follow the prompts to add the text you need to each template in your chosen classroom theme pack.

Our Top 8 Most Downloaded Classroom Theme Packs

You were looking for the best of our beautiful, colorful classroom display resources, right? And, that’s just a small selection from the customizable ones!

We have hundreds more classroom display banners, labels, and signs ready for you to download and print so that you can focus on what you do best – creating a classroom environment that is tailored to your students and provides them with a safe, engaging, and exciting place to learn.

Have you used Teach Starter classroom organization resources in your room? We’d love to see it! Just use the #teachstarter hashtag on Instagram (@teachstarter_us) to join the classroom display conversation!

Make your classroom buzz! Subscribe to Teach Starter and access thousands of curriculum-aligned resources and digital learning tools. Get Started

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