Virtual scavenger hunt Complete

Suggested by Anne Baker

All of these-scavenger hunt, Spot the difference and mystery pictures are great for beginner ELL students to help with speaking. Students can form sentences with the things they see and find. (I found a blue pen, I can share a cookie/ I see a __/There are 2 birds in this picture but 3 birds in that picture.) The activities are endless, perfect for a beginning or end of class activity. Can be turned into a writing activity too.

 Grade 6English Language Arts and Reading

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Hi Anne,

Thanks again for taking the time to submit a request!

We are happy to share that it has now been completed! Please feel free to take a look at the finished request here:

In this collection, you will find some search and find activities that we have recently published that include Google slides to use with your students virtually. These also make great brain break activities!

If you have any questions, please reply and our team will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards,

Natalie · Oct 22nd, 2020