Math 4.2

Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process standards to represent, compare, and order whole numbers and decimals and understand relationships related to place value. The student is expected to:

  • (1) interpret the value of each place-value position as 10 times the position to the right and as one-tenth of the value of the place to its left;
    • (A) represent the value of the digit in whole numbers through 1,000,000,000 and decimals to the hundredths using expanded notation and numerals;
    • (B) compare and order whole numbers to 1,000,000,000 and represent comparisons using the symbols >, <, or =;
    • (C) round whole numbers to a given place value through the hundred thousands place;
    • (D) represent decimals, including tenths and hundredths, using concrete and visual models and money;
    • (E) compare and order decimals using concrete and visual models to the hundredths;
    • (F) relate decimals to fractions that name tenths and hundredths; and
    • (G) determine the corresponding decimal to the tenths or hundredths place of a specified point on a number line.

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