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Persuasive Text Writing Prompts - Complete Set

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 15 pages | Years: 3 - 6

A set of 5 persuasive writing prompts, covering a variety of topics.

Use this teaching resource when teaching persuasive writing to your students.

Each prompt demonstrates t-chart planning by presenting five reasons ‘for’ and five reasons ‘against’ the title statement.

The topics covered in the set of writing prompts include:

  • All Families Should Own a Pet
  • City Life is Better Than Country Life
  • Movies Are More Enjoyable Than Books
  • Outdoor Play is Better Than Indoor Play
  • Zoos Are No Place for Animals.




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  • Paul (Teach Starter)

    Hi Donna, Thank you for your comment! So we can keep all of our suggestions and requests together, can you please submit a change request to this resource using the Changes & Updates tab above? This tab can be found near the comments section. Thanks again!

  • Donna Bigger

    Hi Team, to assist uploading the stimulus to Google Classroom for remote learning, could you please have JUST the prompts as individual PDFs? My students do not have access to printers so I want to avoid confusion and have one clean prompt page. I'll simply ask them to respond by formulating a persuasive essay in Google Docs. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  • Graeme Andrews

    Pay for it.

  • Helen O'Brien

    Why does it say free to join but then in order to download the resources that I want I have to pay a subscription? Not happy.

    • Royce (Teach Starter)

      Hi Helen, thank you for reaching out to us. We have a large range of resources that are available depending on the plan that you are subscribed to. We have a large range of free activities that you can access on our free membership. You can access them by clicking the link below. https://www.teachstarter.com/resource-availability/free/ If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Erin Cheung

    This says ‘7 pages’ on the main page, then when you click on the link it says 5 pages, but then when you download it, it’s actually 15 pages? Is it possible to offer a version with just the 5 prompt pages (and no worksheets)? Thanks! :)

    • Kristian

      Hi Erin, I have updated the page count to 15, thanks for pointing this out. As far as printing just the prompts, you can choose to print off only those pages in your printer dialogue. Where it asks for the pages to print, just type in 1,4,7,10,13 and only those five prompts will be printed. If there is anything else I can assist you with, please don't hesitate to contact me.