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Well, it’s hard to believe it, but it’s that time of year where teachers are beginning to think (just think) about how they are going to decorate their bulletin boards in their classroom. It may be from the comfort of their couch with a cup of coffee or even using the free wifi at a coffee shop, but the hours spent on Pinterest has no doubt begun! Does this sound like we are talking about you?

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Stop looking and scroll this blog for some super easy yet awesome bulletin board ideas for the upcoming school year.

Back to school research

What is the Purpose of a Bulletin Board?

Before you begin your planning, printing, and putting together of your classroom bulletin boards, it’s important to understand the purpose of a bulletin board in the classroom.

Here are some of the main reasons for using bulletin boards in your classroom:

  • make learning visible
  • display student work
  • display subject-specific information
  • for word walls
  • to spread positivity.

With all this in mind, each concept for a bulletin board needs to have a purpose.

Student Goal Setting Bulletin Board Ideas

Setting up a learning goal bulletin board in your classroom definitely has its perks. However, there is an elephant in the room for teachers. That elephant is the cringe-worthy factor of students being able to visibly see the struggling students in the classroom, and how that, in turn, affects those students mentally.

For more about this sensitive topic and how to effectively set up a learning goal display, check out our blog, How to Easily Display and Track Student Goals in the Classroom.

Goal setting bulletin board ideas

Personalize Your Bulletin Boards

We have a huge selection of door display templates that can work just as perfectly on bulletin boards!

Get your students excited about their new classroom by seeing a positive message and their very own name (or even better their face) featured on one of your bulletin boards as they enter the classroom for the very first time.

This super adorable robot-inspired door display will get your kids excited for the school year ahead!

Back to school bulletin board ideas

Subject Specific Bulletin Board Ideas

Creating a subject or topic-specific bulletin board is another way you can support students’ learning in the classroom.

Here’s one example of setting up a Help Center bulletin board and how you can create clear points of focus for your students. For more information on what has been used in this display and how to use it in your classroom, check out our blog, Classroom Display Ideas: Creating a Help Center.

Back to school bulletin board ideas

Perfect Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

Creating a specific bulletin board for the back to school period is another option. This super cute Bulletin board display, Friends in the Pond Interactive Icebreaker Display, is absolute #backtoschoolgoals.

Use the cutout frogs as markers to remember which questions you have completed. Alternatively, you can use this gorgeous bulletin board display just like a board game. Each morning, pick a student to roll a number cube, and then move a frog that number of lily pads to land on the question or activity for the morning!

Use our Interactive Icebreaker Activity pack for the older grades.

Back to school bulletin board ideas

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

Why not celebrate the beauty of fall with a beautifully decorated fall-themed bulletin board?

No need to search high and low for printable resources to use on this display. Simply download our Fall Leaves Classroom Theme Pack. This classroom theme pack has everything you need for a bulletin board display plus much more.

Fall bulletin board ideas for the classroom

We have a huge collection of classroom theme packs that may inspire you with themes. For more information check out our blog, 39 Eye-catching Classroom Theme Ideas (2019).

Wonderful Word Walls for Bulletin Boards

Word walls in the classroom are a no-brainer! They increase vocabulary awareness in a variety of subjects or learning topics!

We have a huge collection of editable word wall templates that are extremely easy to print or edit to create your own words!

How visually appealing and awesome is this Weathering and Erosion Bulletin Board Word Wall?

Weathering and erosion word wall for a bulletin board

Here are just a few of the many word wall templates we have available:

Classroom Management Bulletin Boards

It’s important to encourage intrinsic motivation, resilience, and independence in the classroom. Classroom reward systems can be one small part in the mechanics of a positive learning environment.

If this is something that you are interested in, we have a collection of classroom bulletin board ideas including this super cool Space Alien-Themed Classroom Reward System.

Classroom reward system bulletin board idea

Birthday Bulletin Board Ideas

Making an exciting and creative birthday display in your classroom doesn’t need to take hours. In fact, often a classroom birthday wall looks best if your students help you make it!

We can’t get enough of this Cacti and Sombrero Birthday Bulletin Board template. Each cactus displays a month of the year. Each student in your class gets a blank sombrero to write their name and the date of their birthday on. They can color the hat however they would like!

For more super cute birthday bulletin board ideas plus the printable templates check out our blog, Fun Classroom Birthday Bulletin Board Ideas.

Birthday bulletin board ideas

More birthday bulletin board ideas:

Encouraging Curiosity with a Bulletin Board

Use our printable wonder wall bulletin board display to encourage curiosity in the classroom.

Cut out the printable templates and bulletin board decorations to create an interactive, brainstorming wonder wall. This idea provides students with the opportunity to record things they wonder about when a seemingly random question pops in their head.

Spark curiosity with these bulletin board ideas

Use Pennants to Decorate Bulletin Boards

We have a huge collection of printable classroom pennants that could be easily used to spruce up any bulletin board.

Encourage grit and resilience with this set of positive growth mindset pennants perfect to decorate the top of a bulletin board or above your interactive whiteboard!

Printable classroom pennants.

Get Creative With 3-D Objects

Your bulletin boards don’t need to be decorated in the usual way. Why not use a bulletin board as a backdrop to an amazing visual display such as this higher-order thinking display?

For more information about how to teach higher-order thinking with your student using this display, check out Ali’s blog – 9 Easy and Effective Ways to Teach Higher-order Thinking.

Back to school bulletin board ideas

We hope this collection of ideas for your back to school bulletin board search has got you all inspired to get back into the school year!

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