How a Mini Writing Office Can Help Kids During Writing


Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Are you feeling like your students aren’t getting the most out of their writing sessions in the classroom? A mini writing office may just be the answer!

A mini writing office is an interactive folder full of helpful writing resources you would normally display on a classroom display.

Use a mini writing office to develop your students writing skills.

Develop Kids Writing Skills With a Mini Writing Office

Sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, grammar, text structure, remember to use adjectives, don’t forget paragraphs… there is always so much a student must try to remember and implement in their writing.

No wonder so many kids struggle with writer’s block.

Faced with a blank piece of paper and so much to try to remember can feel all too overwhelming.

Read about how you can prevent writer's blog in your students with a mini writing office.

The ability to sit down one-on-one with each student and have a writing conference would be the holy grail of teaching, right?

The reality of being able to do this in a classroom full of thirty-something students is very slim. As well as doing this with as many students as you can, focus on setting your students up for success. Make them feel independent and confident in their own writing abilities.

How do we do this when there is only one of us and thirty-something children?

Introducing an individualized student writing office, set up for differentiation success!

Read how a mini writing office can help you develop your students writing skills

Students can stand the manilla folder up to create their very own office space.

How to Create a Mini Writing Office

There’s not much to it at all. Purchase a packet of bright, vibrant manilla folders and find a little time to download, print and stick the mini writing office together (time being the operative word)!

I don’t have time to do this for each and every student – I hear you say!

Yes, it is a little time consuming to set up – but the benefits are undeniable. You are in the driver seat and can decide what is going to work best for you and your students.

Here are some alternatives to setting up a folder for each and every student:

  • Set up text type specific folders to be shared between your students.
  • Set up a mini writing office for your lower ability and higher ability students.
  • Use the writing office at a writing station during literacy groups (only 6-8 offices required)

Read how a mini writing office can help you develop your students writing skills

What Resources to Use for a Mini Writing Office

The beauty of creating a mini writing office is that you can pick and choose what resources you feel your students would benefit from having right in front of them while they are writing.

In our example of a writing office, we have included a variety of different resources that would help a student currently focusing on a narrative text.

Read how a mini writing office can help you develop your students writing skills

Hot tip: Print posters 4 to a page to make them smaller and the perfect size to fit a variety of them in a manilla folder.

Writing checklists:

Check out our printable writing checklists that would work in a writing office:

More resource suggestions:

Set your students up for success by providing them with as much support and guidance as possible through a mini writing office.

Share your students’ mini writing offices on Instagram (@teachstarter).

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