Make 3D Object Nets with Foldify

Makes 3D Object Nets with Foldify

Written by Scott (Teach Starter)

is an incredibly intuitive and fun app which teaches students about 3D object nets and how the net’s surfaces relate to the corresponding 3D object it creates.

It’s a rare app that effortlessly combines the notable features of an ipad to create something that is such a perfect fit. Taking advantage of the large screen and touch gestures feels right, even dealing with something as tangible as paper.

The app begins by allowing you to select from a set of predefined nets, which essentially creates a blank canvas for you to ‘paint’ on.

The net and 3D representations of the shape are displayed side-by-side, allowing for brush strokes made on the net to show in real-time on the 3D object. Perfect for allowing your students to comprehend the relationship between the sides of the 3D shape and the corresponding geometric shape.

This app is both educational and enjoyable while allowing your students to express their innate creativity.

Once the masterpiece is complete, your students can save the net as a pdf and email, share or print their creation via the app.

In a classroom environment, the easiest way to get the newly created net off the ipad is to email it. This will allow you to print it from any computer.

If you’re lucky enough to have a printer that supports Apple’s AirPrint, then you can print directly from the device.

With the printed net in hand, it’s up to your students to cut and fold their net into its 3D form. With the help of some glue or sticky tape, their creation will come to life!

Their 3D shape will be a great desk companion or perfect for hanging in the classroom with a little piece of string.

Click here to download it now:

Name: Foldify
Cost: $5.99 AUD

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