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Colors of the Rainbow Teaching Resources

Use this comprehensive collection of bright and colorful resources to make your classroom more vibrant. This colors of the rainbow classroom theme pack provides you with everything you need to theme your room. Use the border trimmers to enhance your bulletin boards and white board borders. You can help your students identify their desk by using the name tags or desk plate with alphabet and number line. These particular resources can be edited using the customizer, so you can add your students’ names directly to them and then generate a PDF to print! We have also provided a letter, number, and punctuation set, as well as pennant banners to make any signs you need for your classroom in the colors of the rainbow theme. The collection also includes class lists, grouping posters, job charts, birthday charts, display banners, certificates, and much more. Where possible, we have added Word versions so you can edit them to suit your elementary classroom needs.

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