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New Year's Teaching Resources

Are you ready for New Year's activities for preschool through 6th grade, created by teachers for teachers? Celebrate New Year's Eve with your students before the winter break with New Year's writing activities, or welcome your class back to school in January with New Year goal-setting templates, and more New Year printable worksheets and resources for elementary school! The beginning of a new year marks a halfway point for many teachers and students, and the return from a holiday vacation gives you a chance to reset classroom expectations and set new goals and resolutions with your students.

New Year's Resolutions for Students

Working on New Year's resolutions with your students but not sure where to begin? It's important that this activity is student-led so the kids feel some ownership of their goals, and to allow for individual growth. Providing some suggestions can help students develop New Year's resolutions that are SMART — ensuring they can actually attain their goals and measure the results to enjoy the satisfaction of meeting them! Here are a few kid-friendly goals that are also actionable for students and could make good New Year's resolutions.
  1. Before I hand in my worksheets, I will check that I have included my name.
  2. When I have finished a writing assignment, I will check it against my editing/revising checklist before handing it in.
  3. When I am not sure if I know how to spell a word from our vocabulary list, I will check the classroom word wall for help.
  4. I will increase the number of books I read each month to (X number).
  5. When I enter the classroom in the morning, I will hang my backpack in my cubby instead of dropping it on the floor.
  6. I will hand in my homework on time every day this year.
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