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Find The Imposter! Interactive Suffix Game

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Google Slide, PowerPoint | 1 page | Grades: 2 - 4

Practice using the suffixes -s and -es to pluralize words with an exciting FInd the Imposter Interactive activity.

Find the Plural Imposter! Interactive Plural Suffix Activity

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure through a space where you’ll use your language skills to find the plural imposters and become a master of pluralization? In this exciting video game-themed interactive activity, kids will learn how to use the suffixes -s and -es to pluralize words while making their way through a series of self-checking interactions to find the correct plural spellings. 

To play, students are provided with an image and two options for the correct plural spelling. Students will click on the word with the correct suffix to make the word plural. If they are correct, they will progress further into the activity. If they are incorrect, they will be redirected to try again.

Using the Suffixes -s and -es to Pluralize Words

This interactive activity is designed to help your students master the general spelling rules related to suffixes -s and -es, including

  • For most singular nouns, add -s to the end to make the plural form. For example, cat → cats, book → books, house → houses.
  • For singular nouns that end in -s, -x, -z, -ch, or -sh, add -es to the end to make the plural form. For example, bus → buses, box → boxes, quiz → quizzes, church → churches, dish → dishes.

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This resource was created by Lisamarie Del Valle, a teacher in Florida and Teach Starter Collaborator.


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