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Subtract and Reveal the Picture PowerPoint – Subtraction Practice (Basic) New

Suggested by Holly (Teach Starter)

Could you please make a subtraction version too? My students were very interested and it provided lots of discussions about strategies. – Suggested by Paul Malone

 Year 1Maths

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Leanne Maxwell

Just came across the addition one, what a great interactive activity, would really appreciate more in all 4 areas of operations. You guys are amazingly clever and I appreciate all the resources you create.

Leanne Maxwell · Jul 27th, 2021


yes please

Annie · Jun 15th, 2021

Carrie Jarman

Yes please! A subtraction version would be great too!

Carrie Jarman · Jun 13th, 2021

Aurora Lee

Yes, I also think this would be a great idea! I saw someone else comment this as well.

Aurora Lee · May 13th, 2021