Fun Ways to Celebrate 100 Days of School


Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Celebrating 100 days of school has turned into a big event in classrooms across the world! And… why not? The day provides a great way for primary teachers to celebrate a variety of mathematical concepts using the number 100 and to celebrate a huge achievement with their students. Any excuse to have a class party…

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When you celebrate the 100th day of school may vary from school to school depending on when your school year started, how many school holidays you have had, and if you have had any snow days!


Activities and Ideas for Celebrating 100 Days of School

We have a great selection of fun downloadable resources, printable templates, and activity ideas to help you and your class celebrate 100 days of school.

100th Day of School Printable Resources

100 Days of School Tracker Classroom Poster

Begin keeping track of the number of days your students have been in school in anticipation of the 100th day of school. Use craft sticks to keep track of the days and teach students about bundling the sticks together once they get to ten. This is a fantastic way to introduce the concept of place value to your students.

Download our printable 100 Days of School Tracker poster and include it in your morning routine.

100 Days of School Tracker Poster

Dress Up as a 100-Year-Old

This idea has been quite popular for several years now! Have your students dress like they are 100 years old. Some schools even get their teachers and school principal to dress as if they were 100 years old, too!

This is the cutest idea…

She learned a few things on the 100th day of school. First. Some people actually live to be 100 (preschool mind blown). Second. Not everyone feels sexy in a moo moo. (Next year she’s gonna try and look like Nana, with sequence, her hair pinned up and rolled, and some bright red lipstick #accordingtocyndell) Third. It’s much more fun growing old with friends . . . . . . . #orlandophotographer #magicofchildhood #enchantedchildhood #worldchangers #childhoodunplugged #childhoodmemories #dearphotographer #momtogs #pixel_kids #stunningbabies #littleandbrave #100daysofschool #MODY2 #monogeneticdiabetes #cameramama #sincerestoryteller #clickmagazine #cbp_up #the_sugar_jar #enchantedmoments #wildandbravelittles #childrenofinstagram #celebratechildhood #teachthemwhilettheyreyoung

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Decorate your Classroom

Create a fun oasis for your students on their 100th day of school! This will make them feel so special! Take a picture of your students with our 100 Days of School glasses template and 100 Days Smarter Hat Template and stick their photo underneath one of these 100 Days of School display banners.

100th Day of School Display Banners

100th Day of School Certificates

Provide your students with a 100 days of school certificate that they can keep as a memento of their 100th day of school. It might even be cute for these to be given out at the whole school assembly. Make your students feel even more special as they go up on stage with their 100 Days of School hats to receive their very own certificate.

100th Day of School Certificates

100 Days of School Student Badge

As your students walk into the classroom on their 100th day of school, use a safety pin to attach one of these two gorgeously illustrated 100th day of school badges to each of your students’ shirts. Or better yet, simply copy these templates on sticker paper so that no safety pins are needed! Simply stick one to each child’s shirt.

100th Day of School Student Badges

100 Days of School Hat and Glasses Template

Use these cute craft templates to create a fun hat and glasses for your students to wear on their 100th day of school. Creating these and taking a photo of each student to put up in your classroom is a super cute display idea!

100th Day of School hat and glasses template

100 Days of School Mini Activity Booklet

The 100 Days of School Mini Activity Book template makes a fun booklet of activities for students to complete on their 100th day of school.

100th Day of School Activity Booklet

Activities in the booklet include:

  • Students finding the number 100 in a group of numbers.
  • Students creating their very own crazy creature.
  • Students completing 100 different workouts.
  • Students completing the sentence: ‘If I had 100 legs I would…’
  • Students coloring 100 gumballs.
  • Students drawing a picture of what they would look like at 100 years of age.

100 Days of School Writing Task

Use this cute writing template and show off how much students have progressed in their first 100 days of school.

Students complete the sentence ‘I’m 100 days brighter because…’

They can then decorate the boy or girl’s head and hands and attach them to the writing template to be displayed in the classroom.

100 Days of School Writing Prompt

Check out our 100th Day of School Resource Pack for our full collection of templates, activities, and classroom displays to help you celebrate the 100th day of school with your students.
Be sure and share your 100th Day of Fun with us @teachstarter_us!100th Day of School Resource Pack

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