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Graphic Organizers Teaching Resources

The blank graphic organizers and printable graphic organizer templates you need most for your elementary classroom are here! Help your students learn to brainstorm ideas and organize information with editable graphic organizer templates you can customize for your classroom.

What's In The Collection

Carefully designed and curated by our expert teacher team, each of the templates in this collection of templates has been created with the needs of students in mind, and many are already aligned to the curriculum to save you much-needed time in your lesson planning. You'll find:
  • Printable Venn Diagram templates
  • T-charts
  • KWLs
  • Story maps
  • Concept diagrams
  • Concept maps
  • Knowledge maps
  • Cognitive organizers
  • Advance organiers
  • Brainstorming templates
  • More classic organizer examples
Not sure what you need? Don't worry, this collection of teaching resources has them all covered with resources created by teachers for teachers, including free printables and templates to scaffold learning in social studies, ELA, and beyond.

What Is a Graphic Organizer in Education?

Not familiar with this teaching tool? That's OK! Our team of expert teachers has got you covered! A graphic organizer, by definition, is a visual guide that breaks down the relationships between ideas, vocabulary, or facts within a learning task. These learning tools scaffold learning for students, allowing them literally construct knowledge. Pretty neat, huh? Graphic organizers can take the form of templates, charts, or diagrams and be specific to one topic or generalized for use across a range of subjects. Printing blank templates out allows students to use the tool to design their own learning, exploring relationships between concepts and using their evaluation and judgment skills to determine where information should be added to the organizer.

Benefits of Graphic Organizer Templates

Should you be using this tool in your classroom to support your students' learning goals? We can't tell you that — but just look at the benefits of graphic organizers: A graphic organizer helps students organize their ideas, drawing out relationships between ideas or concepts and expressing them in a graphic display. These visual representations or guides may also help students to retain information.

Types of Graphic Organizer Examples

Some graphic organizer types you might want to use in your classroom include:
  • Writing graphic organizers
  • Theme graphic organizers
  • Summary graphic organizers
  • Problem and solution graphic organizers
  • And more!
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