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Writing Prompts Teaching Resources

Unlock writing prompts for kids ready to use in your classroom! Designed by teachers and carefully curated by our expert teacher team, these writing prompts spur kids' creativity and help them develop their skills as young writers! This collection of teacher-created writing resources includes writing prompt examples, writing prompt templates, and options for teachers throughout elementary school, including (but not limited to!):
  • 2nd grade writing prompts
  • 3rd grade writing prompts
  • 4th grade writing prompts
  • 5th grade writing prompts
  • 6th grade writing prompts
Find examples to help students with opinion, argumentative, and narrative writing, holiday-inspired writing templates, and more resources available to print or download.

What Is a Writing Prompt?

A writing prompt introduces a writing topic for kids and helps students to focus their writing. Designed to spark students' interest in a particular topic, every writing prompt in this teacher resource collection was written to encourage students to stretch their writing muscles and write thoughtfully and creatively.
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