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Addition Facts Teaching Resources

Teach addition facts with ease this school year with teacher-created addition facts worksheets, math center activities, and more! These curriculum-aligned addition fact teaching resources will not only help you teach students the basics of combining single- and double-digit numbers but also set students up for success in subtraction. Each resource in this collection has been rigorously reviewed by our expert teacher team to ensure it meets Common Core and state standards and is aligned to the math curriculum. Has it been a while since you were teaching this part of the math curriculum? Our teacher team knows what it's like to suddenly teach a brand-new grade level after years away, so we've put together a quick refresher!

What Is an Addition Fact?

The definition of an addition fact is the "sum of two specific addends that will always equal the same result." For example, 3 + 4 will always equal 7, and 2 + 3 will always equal 5.

Addition Facts to 20

It's common to start by teaching students the addition facts to 20 which is another way of describing the sums from 0+0 up to 10+10. This is a good starting point for first graders.

Why Are Addition Facts Important?

When students memorize the basic addition facts, they store those details away to use as they advance to more complicated math tasks. They can then recall these addition facts when necessary while their brain can focus on more advanced math processes.
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